Yeah that’s how I titled my very first blog post.  Why?  Well, as you will soon figure out, I am no writer!  I read somewhere recently that we are all writers.  We all have the ability to write.  We all have a voice.  Ok, true but that doesn’t mean it will be eloquent.  That certainly doesn’t mean it will flow.  My grammar will be bad.  As you can see from the first part of this post I am correct.  But I will come to you anyway and drone on and on about my life and share my thoughts.  I’m not going to try to be something I’m not and I will write to you just the same way I talk…I guess that is what they mean by ‘having a voice’, right??

My goal with this blog is to share my life.  I want to dive deeper than what I can share in a tiny square image on a social media app…I mean, let’s be honest, do we all read those captions anyway??  I want to share my experiences of being a wife and mom while I navigate the ups and downs of building an art business… all while trying to find that unicorn we call BALANCE.  I want to tell y’all more about myself!  Oh gosh, I’m already scared.  Be gentle guys!  Love y’all!IMG_8593

XOXO Katie

Published by katietoombsfineart

I am a wife to Jeremy, mother to 4 kids, and a self taught artist. Pull up a seat as I share my day-to-day struggles, victories, and the mundane. Glad you are here!

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