How to pick out ART!!

Hey guys it’s ME!

Sometimes when you’re asked the same question many times you feel the need to tell everyone!  So….how do you pick out the perfect painting for a particular spot??

I think there are 4 main things you need to look for.  And I’m going to share them with you!

  1. SIZE- This one may be self explanatory but make sure you know the rough size you are looking for before you start your search.  That will help to narrow it down to a select few when you are out and about searching for that perfect piece.  If you’re not exactly sure what size you need then I recommend using painters tape to make a “canvas” on the wall.  I would start with standard sizes like 24×24, 30×40, 36×36, 36×48, 40×40, 48×48, etc.  Leave the tape up for a few days and look at it on the wall every time you pass through the room….you will know if it’s too big, too small, or just right!
  2. COLOR- The right painting will either tie your room together or make a statement on its own….or maybe both!  You will want to choose colors that compliment what you already have in your space.  If you have a neutral room and you want the art to make its own statement then you can go with pretty much any color palette you want!
  3. SUBJECT- With art, I always think it is a good idea to MIX!  I personally like to see a mixture of subjects in a room.  For example, in my hallway (right off my dining room) I have a an abstract portrait of my kids.  Therefore, in my dining room I went with a landscape that is impressionistic but not abstract like the piece in the hall.  I also have two framed prints that hang in the entry just on the other side of the dining room to further mix it up the elements…..see how that all works together?  The point is, try not to have ALL of the same type of art in your home.  It makes it a whole lot more interesting if you mix it up!
  4. LOVE- Guys, YOU HAVE TO LOVE THE PAINTING!!  I want my collectors to have a personal and instant connection with my art.  If you are ‘out and about’ and you see a piece that speaks to your soul (and you can afford it) then BUY IT!!!  Don’t overthink it!  I believe in this rule so much that I would even go as far as to say rules 1-3 don’t even have to apply here…but if the size, color and subject all fit the bill then that is all the more reason why you should BUY THE ART!  You will be happy you did and there won’t be a day that goes by that it won’t make you smile every time you see it hanging on your wall!

That is it! My simple guide to buying art. Til next time…

XOXO- Katie


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I am a wife to Jeremy, mother to 4 kids, and a self taught artist. Pull up a seat as I share my day-to-day struggles, victories, and the mundane. Glad you are here!

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